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Cybercrime and Data Retention : French Situation and Articulation with the International Context

Meryem Marzouki (IRIS)


France has adopted on November 15th, 2001 a new law, known as "Loi relative à la sécurité quotidienne". While the draft law was in discussion in the French Parliament, 13 extra provisions have been introduced by the government right after September 11. 3 of these adopted measures deal with data retention of Internet communications and with the use of cryptography, granting extended powers to the law enforcement authorities.

Although the contents of this measures, as well as their introduction at that step of the legislative process, were claimed as unconstitutional by most of civil rights defenders, the law passed and the French Constitutional council was not given the opportunity to examine it.

The speech will detail these provisions, explain the context in which they were adopted and what was at stake in their adoption, and show their articulation with the international legislation (European Directives and Council of Europe Cybercrime Convention).

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Table des matières - Table of contents

Cybercrime and Data Retention
Introduction : the French Context
"Freedom of Communication" Law
"Daily Safety" Law (LSQ) - Data Retention (Art. 29)
LSQ Data Retention Provisions - Issues
"Daily Safety" Law (LSQ) - Cybercrime (Art. 30 and 31)
LSQ Cryptography Provisions - Issues
LSQ - Actions and Campaigns
French Situation w.r.t. International Context
Future Developments

Autres informations - Other information:
Présenté lors de la conférence « The Public Voice in Internet Policy Making », organisée par l'EPIC le 22 juin 2002 à Washington DC., USA. Communication également présentée à la conférence « Democracy, freedom and the Internet », organisée à l'initiative de Marco Cappato, député italien au Parlement européen, le 10 juillet 2002 à Bruxelles, Belgique.

Presented at "The Public Voice in Internet Policy Making" Conference, organized by EPIC on June 22nd, 2002 in Washington DC, USA. Also presented at the "Democracy, freedom and the Internet" Conference, organized at the intiative of Marco Cappato, MEP, on July 10th, 2002 in Brussels, Belgium.


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