Resolution of the Tunisian Independent Civil Society (January 2005)
(Translation by WSIS Human Rights Caucus from the French original version. See also Spanish version, translated by WSIS Human Rights Caucus)

In the framework of their mobilization related to the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), organizations of the Tunisian Independent Civil Society met at the LTDH (Tunisian Human Rights League) headquarters in Tunis on January 18, 2005, to elaborate their perspectives of actions regarding WSIS subsequent steps.

The signatory organizations:

The Coordination of the Tunisian Independent Civil Society will work in common towards the following objectives:

The coordination is pleased about Tunisian Independent Civil Society actions already or currently being undertaken, like the organization of missions to monitor and control the necessary conditions for the good course of WSIS.

- National Association of Former Resistance Fighters (Amicale Nationale des Anciens Résistants, ANAR)
- Association of Free Writers (Association des Ecrivains Libres, AEL)
- International Association for the Support of Political Prisoners (Association Internationale pour le Soutien des Prisonniers Politiques, AISPP)
- Association for the Fight against Torture in Tunisia (Association de Lutte contre la Torture en Tunisie, ALTT)
- National Council for Freedoms in Tunisia (Conseil National pour les Libertés en Tunisie, CNLT)
- French Tunisian Human Rights League (Ligue Tunisienne pour la défense des Droits de l'Homme, LTDH)
- Observatory for the Freedom of the Press, Publishing and Creating (Observatoire pour la Liberté de Presse, d'Edition et de Création, OLPEC)
- Union for a Development Alternative (Rassemblement pour une Alternative de Développement, RAID-Attac Tunisie)
- Tunisian Journalists Trade Union (Syndicat des journalistes tunisiens, SJT)